How we work - An Alliance Working Together

We are an alliance of partners working together to accelarate the progress towards schistosomiasis control and elimination.

We come from government departments, non-governmental organizations, research institutes, philanthropic funding organizations, and industry.  Our alliance is not limited to partner organizations but also includes individuals, research groups and different networks, collaborating together as a community to control and eliminate schistosomiasis.

The alliance is managed by an Executive Team which overseas and supports the GSA Working groups. Working groups bring relevant experts and stakeholders together to produce tangible outputs addressing specific challenges or barriers to schistosomiasis control and elimination as identified in the GSA Schistosomiasis Action Plan and 4-year strategic plan. The working group outputs are aimed at accelerating progress towards the WHO roadmap goals and beyond. The Working group chairs work with the GSA Executive Team to develop an annual operational strategy. GSA Ambassadors are GSA point of contact in endemic countries, and advise on progress being made and challenges being faced in country with regard to the control and elimination of schistosomiasis, they contribute to discussions to determine actions required by the schistosomiasis community and feedback on their experience and concerns to the community via the GSA and fellow Ambassadors. The annual operational strategy and progress report is evaluated by the GSA Advisory Board.