Purpose and Priorities

The purpose of the GSA Implementation Working Group is to advance the agenda of the implementation of schistosomiasis control programs, in line with international targets on the control of schistosomiasis-related morbidity and elimination as a public health problem.

This is done through:

  • C1 - being responsive to the needs of endemic countries;
  • C2 - identifying ways to strengthen the implementation landscape, and:
  • C3 - coordinating the work of organisations supporting implementation of schistosomiasis programs.

The priorities of the GSA Implementation Working Group are structured to achieve the group’s purpose as laid out above. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying endemic countries’ priority gaps in knowledge and operational approaches to achieving schistosomiasis control, and subsequently identifying ways to fill those gaps (C1)
  • Identifying current best-practices in Implementation of MDA campaigns and sharing between partners (C2)
  • Identifying current best-practice in implementation of relevant complementary strategies and sharing between partners (C2)
  • Working in partnership with WHO to guide and strengthen the development of treatment and survey guidelines and other documents (C2)
  • Linking with other working groups of GSA to strengthen implementation of surveys and other monitoring and evaluation (C3)
  • Support other GSA working groups as appropriate on overlapping priorities, in particular advocacy and research (C3)
  • Identify synergies with STH coalition to advance shared agenda and goals (C3)
  • Providing an advocacy voice to groups working on schistosomiasis control and elimination (C1, C3)

The GSA IWG will also look at:

  • Experience in the field gained in other NTDs and the broader infectious disease landscape.
  • Lessons to be learned from ICTC, GAELF, NNN, and others

Currently the IWG has divided into two work streams/task teams: one focused on improving praziquantel coordination (Praziquantel Coordination work stream), the other on collating experiences, needs and solutions for schistosomiasis Elimination (Elimination work stream). 

If you would like to be involved please email us: anouk [dot] gouvras [at] eliminateschisto [dot] org

Implementation Working Group Co-Chairs