Monitoring and Evaluation

Purpose and Priorities

GSA partners have set up the GSA Monitoring and Evaluation Working Group (M&E WG) to enable a coordinated and aligned approach in the development of evidence-based M&E strategies and operational frameworks used to guide the implementation of schistosomiasis control and elimination programmes.

In April 2018 GSA partners reviewed and developed a Schistosomiasis Action Plan which identified critical actions to accelerate progress to the schistosomiasis 2020 goals and schistosomiasis control and elimination goals beyond 2020.

Those specifically of interest to this M&E WG group are:

  • Action 2. Improve data quality and mapping to support targeting and tracking progress
  • Action 4. Optimize MDA through operational research and adjustments based on existing research & Introduce micro-targeting of MDA and other interventions at the community level

Other actions that are also of interest to this group are:

  • Action 6. Develop/introduce revised diagnostic (assay & method) for implementation
  • Action 9. Develop/introduce revised diagnostic approach for elimination certification

The priorities of the GSA M&E Working Group include but are not limited to:

  • Develop preferred practice/ operational framework for precision mapping
  • Develop preferred practice/ operational framework for impact assessments
  • Identify appropriate diagnostics and sampling strategy tailored to epidemiological and programmatic setting
  • Identify operational research needed for precision mapping and impact assessments
  • Promote data sharing with ESPEN and standardization of data by setting and goal
  • Advocate for research into practical measurable indicators and monitoring for complicated morbidity e.g. for FGS and severe schistosomiasis

The GSA M&E Working Group will also look at:

  • Experience in the field gained in other NTDs and the broader infectious disease landscape.
  • Lessons to be learned from ICTC, GAELF, NNN, and others

Current members of the GSA M&E Working Group include representation from COUNTDOWN, Evidence Action, MENTOR Initiative, NALA Foundation, RTI, SCI Foundation, Sightsavers, and The End Fund.

If you would like to be involved please email us: anouk [dot] gouvras [at] eliminateschisto [dot] org