Genital Schistosomiasis Community of Practice

Urogenital schistosomiasis is a dangerous consequence of schistosome infections that drastically decreases quality of life, causes much misery and pain, leads to pelvic inflammation, infertility and can increase the likelihood of contracting other dangerous diseases such as HIV.

Increased efforsts to raise awareness of the impact of genital schistosomiasis on women's health (termed Female Genital Schistosomiasis) has lead to important policy and advocacy papers being reseleased by the WHO and UNAIDS to ramp up research on Female Genital Schistosomiasis and look at integration with other health programmes such as HIV and cervical cancer screening. Several research projects and programmes have been set up and are ongoing.

The GSA multistakeholder platform is being used to bring together a group of researchers and practitioners working on genital schistosomiasis to share updates, materials and to find solutions to common challenges, in a community of practice.