May N. Sule

Lecturer ,Course Director - Water and Sanitation for Development MSc programme,, Shool of Water, Energy and Environment, Cranfield University, UK

May N. Sule is a Lecturer and Course Director for the Water and Sanitation for Development MSc programme in the School of Water, Energy and Environment at Cranfield University, UK. Her research focuses on WASH and health interactions, behaviour change, stakeholder engagement, WASH for schistosomiasis control and managing other NTDs, climate resilient water supply as well as sustainable water and sanitation systems. She has served on strategic working groups for the World Health Organisation, the Global Schistosomiasis Alliance and a UK Local Authority’s School Governing Board. She holds a master’s degree (Newcastle University, UK) and a PhD (Imperial College London) in Environmental Engineering. 

Improved water supply and sanitation should in theory break the cycle of schistosomiasis transmission, but there are still gaps in our understanding of how this should be best achieved especially when considering integrated water resources management. Much of May’s research in the past few years has focused on the technical and non-technical (socio-economic) aspects to address some of these gaps in critical knowledge through collaboration with engineers, synthetic biologists, parasitologists, behavioural and social scientists.