Interactive Online Tool for WASH and NTDs

28 Aug 2019

The WHO and NNN manual for WASH and Health working together has now been launched as an online interactive toolkit!

This online toolkit will help you – whether you are a NTD programme manager or programme partner – to work with the WASH community, guiding you through building those partnerships, mobilising resources, and designing, implementing and evaluating interventions. Rather than a ‘best practice’ guide, it’s a set of tools based on real-life programme experience; you can choose and adapt tools according to your needs and local context. The toolkit will help you:

  • Build multisectoral partnerships with key stakeholders: ministries, national and local WASH agencies, corporates, local health groups, behaviour change and communication experts, etc.
  • Shape smart programme structures focused on accountability and shared goals.
  • Build an adaptive and flexible approach to programming.
  • Ensure sustainability by building local capacity at every level.
  • Support and complement clinical and public health interventions
  • for NTD control.

Try out the online toolkit here and send in your feedback!

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