Elimination of NTDs in Ethiopia - Woreda Level Coordination Toolkit for WASH & NTD Sectors

21 October 2019

The Federal Ministry of Health in Ethiopia, working with district NTD and WASH case teams, the WHO, NALA Foundation and Sightsavers, adapted the WHO WASH-NTD toolkit for woredas (districts) in Ethiopia.

"By applying a more holistic approach which takes into consideration environmental health factors and WASH infrastructure, an enabling environment for sustainable disease reduction and elimination can be created.
This woreda level coordination toolkit for NTD and WASH sectors will serve as a practical guideline for implementing coordination at field level, involving key governmental sectors such as water, education, health and finance, and nongovernmental partners. It is through coordinated efforts of different sectors, where each contributes its skills, knowledge and resources, that high impact interventions may be carried out for the benefit of communities in need."  Dr. Lia Tadess, State Minister FDRE MoH

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