ESPEN Schistosomiasis MDA optimization tool

30 Sep 2019

The WHO AFRO Expanded Special Project for the Elimination of NTDs has developed a new tool to support countries to optimize MDA implementation by analyzing the country's schistosomiasis prevalence data at the sub-district (sub-implementation unit = sub-IU) level.

The tool combines national delineated sub-IU shapefiles, demographic data, with intervention decisions to calculate how much treatment is needed for school-aged children and adults (according to current WHO guidelines) for each sub-IU.

The tool also enables countries to identify where site-prevalence data is missing and where schistosomiasis interventions may not be necessary, which is vital in understanding a country’s need for schistosomiasis endemicity mapping and transmission verification.

ESPEN are now organising training and dissemination of this new tool to countries and partners and have made the tool and training material available through the ESPEN portal.

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