New online lecture series on NTDs!

14 Oct 2019

HStalks are producing a series of online lectures from experts on NTDs, an exciting resource for researchers, students, and staff interested and working on NTDs. Professor David Molyneux announced the series at the 10th annual NNN conference in Liverpool on the 19th of September 2019.

HSTalks, normalling a subscription only resource, have generously agreed to make the NTD series unrestricted and complementary so that everyone working on NTDs can access these important and beneficial lectures.

There are currently 6 lectures available under the "Introduction and Control" section of the series. The second part of the series on specific diseases is currently in production with 13 lectures already planned.

This exciting and useful resource will help capacity building, training and awareness of NTDs in the public health arena. We congratulate Prof David Molyneux and HSTalks on this excellent and much appreciated resource.

Find out more here.


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