Phase II of the WHO's global consultations for 2030 NTD Roadmap

11 Jul 2019

Working together to develop the global Roadmap for neglected tropical diseases.

The first-round of the World Health Organization (WHO) online consultation gathered feedback for the global Roadmap for neglected tropical diseases from the 9th of April to 17th of April 2019, on the proposed goals and milestones for each NTD, to be reached by 2023 (the end of GPW13), by 2025 and by the end of 2030. The WHO used this feedback to refine the disease targets and enrich the understanding of critical actions required, both disease-specific and cross-cutting.

" Thank you to those who participated in our first round of the web consultation held in March/April of 2019, for which we received almost 100 responses. We have processed the feedback received and saw broad alignment on 5 key points:

  • Targets are reasonable but could be refined for greater clarity
  • Goals may be over-focused on PC (MDA) diseases
  • Country ownership is paramount; opinion varies on how best to achieve this
  • Achieving the 2030 goals will require interventions across the value chain
  • New cross-disease approaches are critical  "

WHO's second round of public consultation shares an advance draft of the 2030 Roadmap and invites feedback on these refined 2030 NTD overarching/cross-cutting goals, disease-specific targets and assessments.

To find out more click on the WHO Phase 2 box or on this link.

You can download the draft documents from the attachments on this page or through the WHO Phase 2 box. 

To submit your feedback click on the WHO NTD 2030 survey link on this page or on this link. The deadline for feedback is the 30th of July.

The NTD 2030 Roadmap will be submitted to the Executive Board for approval in September 2019, and will be officially launched in 2020.

The Roadmap will consist of 4 chapters:

  • Chapter 1 will lay out the context and purpose of the Roadmap including the landscape of NTDs and the progress made to date globally.
  • Chapter 2 will summarize the overarching, cross-cutting, and disease-specific targets and milestones.
  • Chapter 3 will detail out the strategies and actions required to achieve the 2030 targets, structured according to a strategic framework.
  • Chapter 4 will provide guidance for countries in developing their national NTD plans, including key components that should form part of this plan, and process steps required.

If you have questions, either about the form or the consultative process, please contact: NTDRoadmap [at] who [dot] int

Updated important dates, 2019:

  • 17 April 2019: The first phase of received feedback was collected, summarized and presented to STAG-NTD on 29-30 April. Based on the recommendations of this meeting, a revised document with proposed milestones is available for further consultation.
  • 11 July 2019: An advanced draft is now posted for a second phase of feedback (up to 30 July 2019).
  • 15 August: The Roadmap goals and milestones will be finalized, for presentation to STAG-NTD in 1st week of September.
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