GSA led Behaviour Change Workshop at the NNN annual conference

26 Sep 2018

The GSA led Behaviour Change workshop started with a detailed look at the practical application of a Behaviour Change theory model: the socio-ecological model which was presented by Anouk Gouvras on behalf of Bobbie Person. This was followed by 4 break-out group activities looking at particular case studies. The break-out groups were asked to identify 3 challenges and 3 solutions relating to their case study.

The key lessons learnt were:

  • Understanding the social-ecological context of you BC intervention & the perceptions, believes & habitats of your community is key.
  • Looking at access to infrastructure & services available is also vital before designing BC intervention. Engaging & involving stakeholders, partner organization & communities in the design & evaluation of intervention will make it more effective & sustainable.
  • Creating demand through a suite of techniques will increase take up & sustainability.

You can read more and access the slides, handouts and case studies on our Resources page by following the box to the right.


Behaviour change