WHO Weekly epidemiological record on Schistosomiasis

8 December 2017

In 2016, >89.2 million individuals (70.9 million school-aged children and 18.3 million adults) received PC for schistosomiasis and 638.5 million individuals received PC for STH (166 million preschool-aged children, 471.5 million school-aged children and 127 million women of reproductive age). In relation to progress made in 2016 towards achieving the NTD roadmap targets, the coverage of school-aged children with PC was 53.7% for schistosomiasis, and 69.5% for STH; coverage of preschool-aged children with PC for STH was 50.8%.

In 2016, 66.7% (2285/3426) of implementation units (IUs) conducting PC for STH achieved the effective coverage of 75%. Among IUs in countries reporting data in 2016, 4477 required PC for STH; 3426 implemented treatment to school-aged children and achieved a geographical coverage of 76.5%. Of IUs treating school-aged children for schistosomiasis, 82.8% (1425/1721) reached 75% coverage. Overall, in 2016, countries implementing PC for schistosomiasis achieved geographical coverage of 48.6% (1721/3540).

Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Research Behaviour change Schistosomiasis

Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Research Behaviour change WHO Schistosomiasis