WHO Schistosomiasis Strategic Plan 2012-2020

1 Feb 2014

Aim of this document
Measures to control schistosomiasis have been implemented for a significant
number of years. This document aims to report the progress made since 2001 and delineate the strategic directions for the future. The achievements accomplished in the past 10 years in terms of performance of the different control programmes and their impact on morbidity and transmission of schistosomiasis are discussed. The obstacles met and the challenges for the future are also presented.

Based on the successful experience and new evidence accumulated over the past years, this document formalizes the need for all endemic countries to push control of schistosomiasis a step further than recommended up to now, thus achieving elimination of schistosomiasis as a public-health problem and eventually the interruption of its transmission. Definitions and criteria are provided here for each progressive step; they are expected to assist countries in monitoring their progress towards the final goal.

Attention is dedicated to regional highlights with the aim of providing detailed information on the status of schistosomiasis across the world, and discussing the priorities and the need for each WHO region.

Finally, by recognizing the key role of preventive chemotherapy in achieving the different goals set by this document, estimates are provided on the yearly number of people requiring treatment with praziquantel and on the projected needs for the period 2012–2020 and beyond.

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