WHO NTD Roadmap Tracker

30 Jan 2023
WHO NTD Department

The WHO NTD roadmap Tracker interactive data platform displays the following main headings:

  • Percentage reduction in people requiring interventions against neglected tropical diseases
  • Percentage reduction in disability-adjusted life years related to neglected tropical diseases
  • Number of countries having eliminated at least one neglected tropical disease
  • Number of neglected tropical diseases eradicated

Cross-cutting targets for 2030

Integrated Approaches

  • Percentage reduction in number of deaths from vector-borne neglected tropical diseases (relative to 2016) to achieve WHO's global vector control response goal 2021
  • Integrated treatment coverage index for preventative chemotherapy

Multisectoral coordination

  • Access to at least basic water supply, sanitation and hygiene in areas endemic for neglected tropical diseases
  • Share of countries with neglected tropical diseases integrated in national health strategies / plan
  • Number of countries that adopt and implement integrates skin neglected tropical disease strategies
  • Share of the population at risk protected agaiast catastrophic out-of-pocket health expenditure due to neglected tropical diseases to achieve target 3.8 of SDG3

Universal Health Coverage

  • Share of countries including neglected tropical disease interventions in their oackage of essentiona serices and budgeting for them
  • Share of countries with guidelines for management of neglected tropical diseases-related disabilities within natonal health systems

Country ownership

  • Share of countries reporting on all relevant endemic neglected tropical diseases
  • Share of countries collecting and reporting data on neglected tropical diseases disaggargated by gender

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