WHO NTD Roadmap country profiles

30 Jan 2023
WHO NTD Department
WHO NTD road map country profile - country information data visualisation for Indonesia 2010-2023 all NTDs

The WHO NTD roadmap country profiles interactive data platform displays the following main headings:

Country information and status

  • Demography
  • Heath expenditure
  • WASH
  • NTDs in country

Progress against NTD road map 2030 targets

  • Status of overarching indicators against 2030 targets
  • Status of cross-cutting indicators against 2030 targets

NTD burden

  • Disability-adjusted life years (Dalys)
  • NTD reported cases and deaths

Prevention, treatment & care

  • People in need of interventions due to NTDs and people requiring MDA or PC

Donated medicines

  • Free supply of NTD medicines managed by WHO

Check out the WHO NTD Country profiles data platform here


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