WHO Guideline Development Group

26 September 2018

WHO Guideline Development Group proposal
Guidelines for implementation of control and elimination of schistosomiasis and verification of interruption of transmission

General scope and objectives

Currently, there is no guidance available to evaluate the interruption of schistosomiasis transmission. The existing implementation guidelines are based mainly on expert opinion and need to be revised according to the available scientific evidence.

The goal of this GDG meeting will be to provide evidence-based recommendations to countries in their efforts to control morbidity from schistosomiasis and eventually interrupt transmission. They will help countries to implement national schistosomiasis control programmes and to verify whether transmission of the disease has been interrupted in the country.

In keeping with the requirements of the WHO Guidelines Review Committee and the WHO Compliance, Risk Management and Ethics Office, WHO is proceeding with the online publication for two weeks of the names and biosketches of the proposed GDG members.

The listed experts have also submitted a Declaration of Interest form stating any conflict of interests. WHO has applied its internal processes to ensure the absence of any conflicts of interest (academic, financial, or other) that could undermine the credibility of the guideline.

As a measure of added transparency, WHO invites the public to review the list of experts and stakeholders and provide feedback on any member deemed to have any conflict of interest with respect to the terms of reference for this group.

Comments and feedbacks should be cordial and constructive, and sent to schistosomiasis [at] who [dot] int

No anonymous letters will be considered.

To read the names and biosketches of the GDG please click through to the WHO site.

Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation