WHA Resolution on Schistosomiasis and STH

22 May 2001

WHA54.19. The Executive Board agreed:

  • to sustain successful control activities in low-transmission areas in order to eliminate schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminth infections as a public health problem, and to give high priority to implementing or intensifying control of schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminth infections in areas of high transmission while monitoring drug quality and efficacy;
  • to ensure access to essential drugs against schistosomiasis and soil transmitted helminth infections in all health services in endemic areas for the treatment of clinical cases and groups at high risk of morbidity
  • such as women and children, with the goal of attaining a minimum target of regular administration of chemotherapy to at least 75% and up to 100% of all school-age children at risk of morbidity by 2010;
  • to promote access to safe water, sanitation and health education through intersectoral collaboration;
  • to ensure that any development activity likely to favour the emergence or spread of parasitic diseases is accompanied by preventive measures to limit their impact; and
  • to mobilize resources in order to sustain activities for control of schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminthiasis