Webinar | Schistosomiasis in Malawi: future control isn’t quite like it used to be

07 Apr 2021

In Malawi there are two types of schistosomiasis, with urogenital being most well-known. There has been a national control programme active in the delivery of preventive chemotherapy for over a decade. In this session we discuss progress and draw attention to control of schistosomiasis within fishing communities. This webinar highlights ongoing epidemiological changes witnessed by better appreciation of male genital schistosomiasis, an outbreak of intestinal schistosomiasis and emergence of a novel set of hybrids schistosomes. Collectively, these dynamics require a broadening of future control interventions with wider intersectoral actions, ultimately adoption of a OneHealth approach.

  • Lazarus Juziwelo (MoH, Malawi) – A review of current activities of the national control programme against schistosomiasis
  • Seke Kayuni (LSTM, UK/MASMA, Malawi) – Update of male genital schistosomiasis in fishermen on the Lake Malawi shoreline
  • Janelisa Musaya (MLW/CoMm Malawi) – Identifying barriers and enhances in the uptake of preventive chemotherapy in targeted communities
  • Russell Stothard (LSTM, UK) – Highlighting recent ecological and biological change in Lake Malawi and its future interplay with control.
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