Webinar | Panel - the urgency and practicalities of integrating Female Genital Schistosomiasis into Women’s Health & Primary care services

08 Mar 2022

In this ISNTD-Connect webinar, the second of our new series on Delivering on Women's Health, we hear from a varied panel of speakers on the need, opportunities and challenges of integrating FGS and other NTDs into healthcare services, with a focus on the impact of this on health workers who deliver healthcare.

Panellists / Panélistes :

Prof Margaret Gyapong - Director, Institute for Health Research, University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ghana

Delphine Pedeboy - Senior Partnerships Manager, Dimagi

Dr Alain Claver Kouamin - Chargé de la Chimiothérapie Préventive, Programme National de Lutte Contre les Maladies Tropicales Négligées à Chimiothérapie Preventive (PNLMTN-CP) Cote D’Ivoire

Dr Nanyangwe Siuluta - General Medical Officer, Zambart; Project Manager, Zipime Weka Schista!

Dr Bodo S Randrianasolo - Association K’OLO VANONA, Antananarivo, Madagascar

Language: English and French interpretation will be available in this webinar / L'interprétation en anglais et en français sera disponible lors de ce webinaire.

Female Genital Schistosomiasis Webinar GSA