UK Coalition against NTDs | Future-proofing health systems and improving health equity: An investment case for diseases of poverty

18 May 2022
UK Coalition Against Neglected Tropical Diseases

The UK has a long legacy as a leader in global health. Through decades of partnerships, it is well-placed to continue to champion and deliver on health equity and health systems strengthening. The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly demonstrated the urgent need for such measures to tackle poverty and enhance global health security.

Diseases of poverty such as Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) continue to affect more than one billion people, causing preventable deaths, deepening and perpetuating poverty, and threatening global health security. Tackling NTDs is not only essential to developing strong and inclusive health systems but ending these diseases will contribute significantly to other development priorities.

Over the past decade, over 40 countries, territories and areas have eliminated at least one NTD as a public health problem and 600 million fewer people require interventions against NTDs than in 2010. Yet NTDs still affect more than 1 billion people worldwide among the most vulnerable, marginalised populations. 1.74 billion people still require interventions against NTDs, or 1 in 5 people globally.

This report addresses the following areas of concern and provides key recommendation:

Tackling NTDs will help the UK deliver on other Global Health priorities

  • Building on existing foundations to strengthen health systems
  • Bolstering cross-sector action and coordination
  • Improving health equity and inclusivity

UK investment in pandemic preparedness and global health security should include NTDs

  • Increasing resilience to future health shocks
  • Innovation and research

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