TRS Special Issue | Challenges and opportunities in the fight against NTDs - a decade from the London Declaration on NTDs

Volume 378, Issue 1887, October 2023
compiled and edited by Kathryn Forbes, Maria-Gloria Basáñez, T. Déirdre Hollingsworth and Roy M. Anderson

Twenty neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are currently prioritised by the World Health Organization for eradication, elimination as a public health problem, elimination of transmission or control by 2030. This issue celebrates progress made since the 2012 London Declaration on NTDs and discusses challenges currently faced to achieve these goals. It comprises 14 contributions spanning NTDs tackled by intensified disease management to those addressed by preventive chemotherapy. Although COVID-19 negatively affected NTD programmes, it also served to spur new multisectoral approaches to strengthen school-based health systems. The issue highlights the needs to improve impact survey design, evaluate new diagnostics, understand the consequences of heterogeneous prevalence and human movement, the potential impact of alternative treatment strategies and the importance of zoonotic transmission. 


  • Introduction  - Challenges and opportunities in the fight against neglected tropical diseases: a decade from the London Declaration on NTDs Kathryn Forbes, Maria-Gloria Basáñez, T Déirdre Hollingsworth and Roy M Anderson
  • A positive consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic: how the counterfactual experience of school closures is accelerating a multisectoral response to the treatment of neglected tropical diseases Donald AP Bundy et al.
  • Can mass drug administration of moxidectin accelerate onchocerciasis elimination in Africa? Klodeta Kura et al. Modernizing the design and analysis of prevalence surveys for neglected tropical diseases Peter J Diggle et al.
  • Reproducibility matters: intra- and intersample variation of the point-of-care circulating cathodic antigen test in two Schistosoma mansoni endemic areas in Uganda Elías Kabbas-Piñango et al.
  • Evaluation of Kato-Katz and multiplex quantitative polymerase chain reaction performance for clinical helminth infections in Thailand using a latent class analysis Chawarat Rotejanaprasert et al.
  • A modelling analysis of a new multistage pathway for classifying achievement of public health milestones for leprosy Emma L Davis et al.
  • Knowledge, attitudes, practices and acceptability of a school preventive chemotherapy programme for schistosomiasis and soiltransmitted helminths control in Angola Adam W Bartlett et al.
  • Lymphatic filariases and soil-transmitted helminthiases in Sri Lanka: the challenge of eliminating residual pockets of transmission Nilmini TGA Chandrasena, IE Gunaratna, Dileepa Ediriweera and NR de Silva
  • How important is the spatial movement of people in attempts to eliminate the transmission of human helminth infections by mass drug administration? Benjamin S Collyer, James E Truscott, Charles S Mwandawiro, Sammy M Njenga and Roy M Anderson
  • Modelling morbidity for neglected tropical diseases: the long and winding road from cumulative exposure to long-term pathology Anna Borlase, Joaquin M Prada and Thomas Crellen
  • From serological surveys to disease burden: a modelling pipeline for Chagas disease Julia Ledien et al. Reaching the World Health Organization elimination targets for schistosomiasis: the importance of a One Health perspective Adriana V Díaz, Martin Walker and Joanne P Webster
  • Global prioritization of endemic zoonotic diseases for conducting surveillance in domestic animals to protect public health Yu Qiu et al.

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