Schistosomiasis and soil transmitted helminthiases: numbers of people treated in 2017

14 December 2018

In 2017, 98.7 million people (81.8 million SAC and 16.9 million adults) received PC for schistosomiasis, and 743 million received PC for STH (188 million pre- SAC, 410.1 million SAC and 127.9 million women of reproductive age treated during lymphatic filariasis (LF) elimination programmes and an estimated 17 million treated in maternal and child health services.10 In relation to the targets of the neglected tropical disease (NTD) roadmap, the coverage of SAC with PC was 68% for schistosomiasis and 68.8% for STH; coverage of pre- SAC with PC for STH was 69%.

Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation