Report | Ending the neglect - Cost-benefit analysis of eliminating NTDs in Nigeria by 2030

28 Dec 2023
The END Fund & Deloitte

The report’s main objective is to holistically present the key economic and social benefits of eliminating the five most prevalent NTDs in Nigeria by 2030, including long-term financial returns and a cost-benefit assessment of elimination programs.

NTDs remain a severe problem in Nigeria, which accounts for around 25% of Africa’s NTD cases. According to the WHO, 165 million people in Nigeria (i.e., 84% of the population) require preventive chemotherapy for at least one NTD. One of the reasons for this is the lack of access to clean water and sanitation.

Only 14% of the Nigerian population has access to safely managed drinking water sources, and 44% has access to sanitation, with open defecation still prevalent. Only 17% of the population uses improved sanitation facilities with hand washing facilities and soap.

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