Protocol | Genomic DNA extraction from freshwater snail tissues

24 May 2024

Protocol modified from original description in Winnepenninckx et al. (1993) Trends in Genetics 9(12): 407. DOI: 10.1016/0168-9525(93)90102-n 

This protocol (version 2) has been adapted by Kaitlin Bonner (STFU), Stephanie Bollmann (OSU), Coenraad Adema (UNM), Lijun Lu (UNM) and Tom Pennance (WU), and reviewed by other members of the GSA Snail Vectors working group. This protocol is to help researchers working with freshwater gastropods related to the transmission of schistosomes, and particularly those looking at extracting high quality intact DNA for next generation sequencing purposes. This protocol offers a general outline that can be tailored to the contents, purposes and labs that use them, and may require further refinement to fit users’ needs. the manufacturers of any products mentioned or referenced should be contacted for more information on products, and other/alternative products may be available.

Download the protocol here.


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