Mandahl-Barth, G. 1960 | Intermediate hosts of Schistosoma in Africa.


Mandahl-Barth, G. (‎1960)‎. Intermediate hosts of Schistosoma in Africa. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 22 (‎5)‎, 565 - 573. World Health Organization

Dr Mandahl-Barth's monograph on the intermediate hosts of Schistosoma in Africa, published by the World Health Organization in 1958, attempted to clarify the complicated subject of the taxonomy of Biomphalaria and Bulinus-the snail vectors of bilharziasis in Africa. The classification of these vectors, however, is still far from being cut-and-dried, and each fresh fact unearthed must be regarded as a potential challenge to its validity. Since the publication of the monograph a great deal offurther material has been submitted to the WHO Snail Identification Centre at Charlottenlund, Denmark. The additional information collected, together with some amendments to the earlier data, is presented in this supplementary contribution to the monograph.

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