iCHORDS webinar recording | Addressing FGS using gender-specific and human rights based frameworks

22 January 2024

The guarantee of women’s fundamental freedoms and dignity is enshrined in the constitution of the World Health Organization and in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was signed by almost every country in the world. However, we still see the persistence of gender inequalities in health and health systems, especially in lower to middle-income countries. During this session, Dr. Carol Vlassoff discusses one of the most neglected human rights and reproductive health issues globally, female genital schistosomiasis (FGS). The presentation outlines the applications of existing human rights and gender-sensitive frameworks to assist countries in schistosomiasis-endemic areas in mounting an appropriate health system response to FGS, from the perspectives of both sex (biological) and gender (socio-cultural), while at the same time honouring their international commitments to human rights and gender equality.

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Female Genital Schistosomiasis Behaviour change Research