GSA Progress and Activity Report 2023-24

10 Jun 2024
GSA Executive Team

This year we celebrate the Global Schistosomiasis Alliance’s 10-year anniversary. Thanks to our incredible partners, members, and the broader schistosomiasis network, we have made significant strides over the past decade, and take immense pride in the collaborative ethos and community spirit that drives us. 

Inspired by the London Declaration on NTDs, the GSA was founded in 2014 to enhance collaboration and communication among stakeholders in schistosomiasis control and elimination. Starting with 10 founding partners, we have grown to 23 partner organizations, over 300 individual working group members, and a vast network of engaged stakeholders. 

Working together we have shaped global and regional policies for schistosomiasis control, organized workshops, training sessions, webinars, and face to face meetings to deepen understanding and build evidence for multidisciplinary approaches. These include leveraging snail vectors, behaviour change, diagnostic tools, and integrated interventions. It is by sharing knowledge, best practices, and research findings that we can accelerate progress towards schistosomiasis elimination. 

Looking ahead, GSA remains committed to eliminating schistosomiasis, raising global awareness about its impact, and advocating for increased funding and resources. 

The GSA’s decade of progress is underscored by the power of collaboration and commitment in addressing one of the world’s most enduring public health challenges. With continued efforts, the vision of a world free from schistosomiasis is within reach. 

This report outlines the GSA's activities in 2023 and our priorities and planned activities for 2024.