GSA-COR NTD: Approaching schistosomiasis elimination: from mass treatment to targeted interventions.

18 Sep 2020

Watch the recording here

In this GSA-COR NTD pre-meeting online session, schistosomiasis experts discuss the existing and novel tools and strategies needed on the last mile towards interrupting transmission.


Talks (40-60 min):

  • Sultani Matendechero: The “breaking transmission” strategy for neglected tropical diseases in Kenya (10 min)
  • Yves-Nathan Tian Bi: Lessons learned from chemical snail control as complementary measure to MDA for interrupting seasonal schistosomiasis transmission in Côte d’Ivoire (10 min)
  • Federica Giardina: Modelling schistosomiasis elimination for targeted interventions (10 min)
  • Bonnie Webster: Diagnostic tools we have and need for surveillance of human and snail infections (10 min)

Parallel break-out discussions (30-40 min) (not in the recording)

a) Beyond MDA 1: intervention strategies for reaching interruption of schistosomiasis transmission (Chairs: Sultani Matendechero, Nathan Tian-Bi)

b) Beyond MDA 2: modelling for targeted interventions (Chair: Federica Giardina)

c) Beyond routine diagnostics: tools for use in elimination settings (Chair: Bonnie Webster)

Plenary (10-20 min)
Return from break-out groups into main group and report by chairs and rapporteurs of discussion results and key operational research questions identified.

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