GSA Annual Report 2020 and Advisory Board Summary 2021

22 Mar 2021

The Advisory Board met virtually with the GSA Executive on the 1st of March to review the GSA 2020 Annual Report and Operational Strategy for 2021. Following an overview presentation from the GSA Executive, the Advisory Board congratulated the GSA on a successful year, undertaken during the difficult times caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Board was impressed by the overall activity of the Alliance including the growth of new groups focusing on malacology, engineering and genital schistosomiasis.

They highlighted the rapid development and current key strengths on communication and digital engagement, the coordinated information sharing on the impact of the pandemic, the strengthened relationship and support of the WHO as the global policy leader, the growing elimination focus across the community and it’s development into a concrete movement. The increased engagement in 2020 with in-country programmes and the participation of experts from endemic areas in GSA activities together with the new Ambassador programme were met with approval.