FIND DxConnect virtual biobank directory

12 Nov 2021

With the backing of major funding agencies, FIND has established a virtual platform for researchers and institutions to make their NTD research interests and sample collections visible to the international community, to enable sharing of biological materials, and to attract collaborative projects.

 FIND are inviting researchers to participate in this project.  


  • FIND, the not-for-profit global alliance for diagnostics, is hosting the platform in a project funded by BMGF and supported by UNITAID and the WHO DTAG.
  • The platform is a “virtual biobank”, a database of collections of samples, connecting researchers interested in collaborating on diagnostic tools development, with the “owners” of collections wherever they may be located.
  • The platform displays information about the type and approximate number of samples and the associated data fields available, providing an opportunity for interested parties to contact owners for collaboration.
  • The project addresses the sample needs for the development of better diagnostic tools for NTDs.
  • Owners retain full ownership and control of their samples, and the platform does not seek to be involved in discussions leading to collaborations. Owners are under no obligation to collaborate or share samples.
  • Sample owners can either upload the information on their collection to the platform, or it can be done by FIND staff by contacting via email and answering a set of simple questions about the collection and research interests.
  • No platform fee of any sort is charged for participating, and owners can withdraw their involvement at any time.
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