Ending the neglect to attain the Sustainable Development Goals: A road map for neglected tropical diseases 2021–2030

9 April 2020

"The 146th session of WHO’s Executive Board, meeting in February 2020 requested the Director-General to develop, in consultations with Member States and stakeholders, the new road map for neglected tropical diseases for the period 2021–2030.

Following this decision, a draft document which had initially been developed as a result of earlier consultations was uploaded to this website on 22 February. It followed months of consultations and input from many Member States, stakeholders, agencies of the United Nations system, scientific and research groups, nongovernmental organizations, implementing partners, donors, private sector organizations and individual experts. It was also reviewed by WHO’s Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on neglected tropical diseases.

On 9 March, WHO held an informal consultation at its headquarters in Geneva where 22 Member States and the European Union participated. Following additional comments made during the meeting and subsequently received by email from Members States and stakeholders, the earlier draft was further modified into its current shape for consideration by the Seventy-third World Health Assembly (WHA) in May 2020."

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