Discussion Paper: The Gender Dimensions of Neglected Tropical Diseases

21 November 2019

"Gender, sex and their intersections with other social determinants of health shape peoples’ vulnerability to and experience of NTDs, as well as their ability to access care and treatment. Understanding similarities and differences in how people of all genders and sexes, including women and girls, are vulnerable to and experience NTDs can support governments, international and national partners and researchers to accelerate responses to NTDs and deliver equitable prevention, diagnosis and treatment services."

"The paper proposes a set of five recommendations as a way forward to better understand and act on the gender dimensions of NTDs. In this way, the paper aims to support efforts to reduce the global impact of NTDs and support countries to reach the targets of the WHO Roadmap on NTDs by 2020 and contribute to the attainment of universal health coverage by 2030"

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Female Genital Schistosomiasis