2022 G-FINDER Neglected Disease Report

30 Jan 2023
Policy Cures Research

The G-FINDER project tracks annual investment into R&D for new products and technologies to address priority global health challenges. This includes funding for basic research and the development of new drugs, vaccines, diagnostics and other tools for global health priorities that disproportionately affect people in low- and middle-income countries, such as neglected diseases, emerging infectious diseases, and sexual and reproductive health issues.

The basis of this project is an annual survey of the world’s funders and developers of global health R&D. The G-FINDER survey and report series was founded and created by Policy Cures, and has been funded since its inception by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The data collected in this survey has been used to create a unique repository of investment data, providing an unmatched resource for policy-makers, donors, researchers and industry. The database outlines the long-term landscape of funding for R&D for global health priority areas, including where funding gaps exist and how single investments fit into the global picture.

Their unique database of R&D investment data for global health issues can be freely accessed through the G-FINDER data portal. This includes data from both Policy Cures (2007-2015) and Policy Cures Research (2015 onwards).

Analysis and reports based on this data can be found here.

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