Launch of ISNTD Connect GSA Series

01 Jun 2020

Following the success of our initial collaboration with ISNTD where Derick Osakunor, from the University of Edinburgh, discussed current treatment gaps in different age groups, ISNTD and GSA are collaborating together to bring you a ISNTD Connect GSA Series hosting a webinar on the first Thursday of every month until the end of 2020. This webinar series will cover diverse and exciting topics all relevant in the fight against schistosomiasis.

Our upcoming ISNTD Connect GSA Series webinar is a conversation between Dan Colley (Prof Emeritus of Microbiology, at UGA) and Goylette Chami (Nuffield Department of Population Health at the University of Oxford) on:

"Where can a 50-year career in schistosomiasis take you geographically and scientifically?"

on Thursday, 4th June, 3pm UTC/GMT.

We also want to use this opportunity to raise our glass to Dan who is retiring and it would be wonderful to see many of you there joining in.

You can register here:

Upcoming topics for our series include:

  • Climate Change and schistosomiasis - Mark Booth, Newcastle University (July)
  • The role of WASH - Yael Velleman, Schistosomiasis Control Initiative Foundation (August)

If you have any ideas or suggestions anouk [dot] gouvras [at] eliminateschisto [dot] org (please do contact us).

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