Schistosomiasis Research Meeting 2021

24 Jun 2021

The GSA Schistosomiasis Research Innovation Meeting 2021 brought together scientists, healthcare professionals, researchers and delivery partners from the world of schistosomiasis, highlighting exciting research findings and research-in-progress from scientists across the globe.

On the first day participants heard brief updates from the GSA working groups and work streams, and from innovative schistosomiasis research on tools for morbidity assessment, vaccine development in endemic countries, geostatistical models for informing survey designs, biocontrol tools, genomics and more.

The second day focused on early-career researchers and exciting research-in-progress with interactive networking opportunities for participants. Talks will include chlorination methods for schistosomiasis prevention, the impact of schistosomiasis treatment on vaccine responses, identifying UHC gaps, schistosome diagnostic developments and more.

Watch the recordings here

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