Prof. Alan Fenwick awarded the Kyelem Prize at COR NTD 2018

09 Nov 2018

Prof. Alan Fenwick Wins Kyelem Prize for Contributions in the Fight against Neglected Tropical Diseases

"It is thrilling for us to see Prof Fenwick recognized with the 2018 Kyelem Prize.

Alan has been at the forefront of neglected tropical disease control for decades and is an acknowledged thought leader and founder not only of the modern NTD movement that began following the launch of the 2000 Millennium Development Goals but also of the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI).

Since he founded SCI in 2002 the growth and impact of this organisation have been extraordinary, largely because SCI provides a unique blend of resources and support for program implementation, on-the-ground training and operational research for national schistosomiasis programs, now in 16 African countries. And SCI has resulted in over 150 million treatments mainly to poor children, and now averages 40 million per year.

Alan has been a tireless advocate and fund-raiser for the NTDs, and his being awarded the Kyelem prize this year was an acknowledgement of the sincere admiration and appreciation our NTD community has both for him personally and for the many millions of people whose lives he has benefitted with the gift of better health."

Professors Eric Ottesen and Peter Hotez

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