Announcing the GSA Strategy 2022-2025

30 Jun 2022

“Schistosomiasis elimination should move from being an aspiration to becoming a reality; the GSA is totally committed to supporting partners to achieve the WHO goal of elimination as a public health problem by 2030. Our new strategy is the launch pad which will help us move swiftly and together to free future generations from this debilitating disease “

Professor David Rollinson

Director of GSA

We are excited to share the GSA 4-year Strategic Plan, to support the WHO mid-term 2025 targets and accelerate progress to the 2030 goals. Our strategic plan defines our 5 priority objectives and how the alliance will work to achieve schistosomiasis elimination as a public health problem.

  • Resources, capabilities & knowledge development. Promote, support and strengthen schistosomiasis technical and operational capabilities.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation. Facilitate and strengthen ways to measure progress and evaluate interventions. Enable learn & adapt approaches to current and future challenges. Meet verification/validation requirements for schistosomiasis elimination as a public health problem and interruption of transmission.
  • Integrated solutions to schistosomiasis elimination. Enhance practices and improve the quality of services, promoting targeted, context & evidence driven interventions, including preventive chemotherapy, snail control and environmental management, WASH, behaviour change communication and health education and cross-sector collaborative interventions.
  • Diagnostics. Promote development and adoption of diagnostics to support M&E for MDA, test & treat, surveillance and to facilitate the integration of SCH into all levels of the health system.
  • Innovation, integration & cross-cutting action. Promote basic, clinical & operational research, to engage with innovations and novel tools from different sectors. Encourage collaborative research to facilitate crosscutting and cross-sector approaches for sustainable elimination of schistosomiasis.

Download the Strategy document