WHO STAG Working Group on Monitoring & Evaluation

27 February - 01 March 2019
WHO HQ, Geneva, Switzerland

Strategic and Technical Advisory Group (STAG): Working Group on Monitoring & Evaluation

The meeting will review progress achieved in monitoring and evaluation and propose solutions to address gaps. Work will also comprise the updating of the M&E framework for the post-2020 era.

The STAG is the principal advisory group to WHO for the control of NTDs and reports directly to the Director-General of WHO. Its mandate is to advise WHO on overall global policies and strategies, ranging from monitoring of implementation to delivery and linkages with other health interventions. Its remit is to facilitate and monitor the coverage of control interventions and to provide WHO with high-quality, well considered advice and recommendations on matters described in its terms of reference.

The STAG can appoint subworking groups on specific work items, such as the group on monitoring and evaluation, as described in the terms of reference.

Read the STAG Terms of Reference.

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