Webinar | What can citizen science do for snail-borne disease control?

21 March 2024, 10am EDT / 2pm UTC
virtual event

In this session, Dr. Anyolitho Maxson Kenneth and Ms. Ashepet Mercy Gloria share the journey of implementing ATRAP, a citizen science initiative in Uganda to address snail-borne diseases within endemic communities along the shores of Lake Albert. Specifically, they share insights into the valuable lessons learned from engaging communities in scientific research (tracking snail populations) while at the same time dissemination and co-design as well as conducting awareness-raising activities and interviewing policy actors to probe their trust in CS-generated data thereby fostering positive changes in knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding schistosomiasis (bilharzia). This session will highlight the successes, challenges, and transformative potential of citizen involvement in combating snail-borne diseases.