15 November 2018
Natural History Museum, London

What ISNTD Water Is All About

Neglected Tropical Diseases affect over 1.4 billion individuals worldwide, most of which are amongst the poorest and most vulnerable and live in areas with inadequate water and sanitation. The lack of such facilities not only imposes an immense burden on those individuals directly, but also provides a breeding ground for the numerous diseases and perpetrate cycles of re-infections when disease control has been achieved. 

Improvement in water and sanitation provision can be the most important contribution towards better health by breaking transmission cycles, eradicating the breeding grounds for dangerous pathogens and providing the opportunity for overall economic and social development.

ISNTD Water provides the multidisciplinary platform and network for the research, charity and business sectors to partner and collaborate to address diseases and conditions of poverty worldwide. Topics covered include among many others:

  • recent research on water-borne diseases and linkages to inadequate WASH
  • novel behaviour change strategies
  • water and sanitation innovation and technology
  • financing of WASH and infrastructure and innovative approaches 
  • new models of collaboration in WASH, humanitarian and NTDs
  • role of private sector in infrastructure and global health improvement
Research Behaviour change