British Society for Parasitology Spring Meeting 2024

2-5 April 2024
Liverpool, United Kingdom & online

The BSP 2024 will bring the parasitological community together to discuss the latest findings in parasite biology and progress in controlling disease. Their ambition is for the meeting to reach across divides, whether they be between parasites, all scientific sessions that cut across taxonomy, or between countries, nearly half of the invited speakers come from outside the UK, or between generations, half of all speakers will be early-career researchers.

Scientific sessions will span the complete parasitological spectrum. From discovering the basic principles of parasite biology (‘Antigenic variation’, ‘Evolutionary origins of parasitism’), including the latest trends in parasite research (‘Cellular heterogeneity’, ‘Subcellular structure’, ‘Population variation’, ‘Organoid infection models’, ‘Parasite-immune interactions’, ‘Parasite-microbiome interactions’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’), to applied parasitology for controlling disease (‘Drug development’, ‘Disease elimination’, ‘Epidemiology’, ‘Veterinary vaccines’, ‘Vector control’).

In addition, the BSP Spring Meeting will renew its association with British Ecological Society, which will present two sessions on ‘Parasite wildlife ecology’ and ‘Complex ecology data analysis’.

Besides the scientific sessions, BSP 2024 will feature a poster exhibition that, for the first time, will include video abstracts, as well as two genome database training workshops with accreditation for pre-registered delegates. At lunchtimes, attendees will be joined by special guest speakers to lead conversations on professional parasitology, how best to implement successful equality and inclusion and career development practices.

Visit the BSP 2024 meeting event page for more info

Contact event organisers

Venue: University of Liverpool
Location: Mountford Hall
Country: United Kingdom

Organiser Contact Details:
Julian Fuller
T: 01234211015
info [at] bsp [dot] uk [dot] net