BNITM event | World NTD Day discussion

30 January 2024, 4-6pm CET
In Person – Bernard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine, Hamburg, Germany

Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) mainly affect people living in poor communities around the world who have little access to clean water and sanitation, let alone medical care. They occur particularly in areas with a tropical climate. Children and women are often particularly affected in already marginalised population groups. Find out, for example, what an infection with blood flukes means for the lives of women in Madagascar, why those affected by snakebites are still underserved, what the situation is regarding the supply of suitable antidotes and what bioinformatics can contribute to combating the skin disease Buruli ulcer. 

Almost two billion people worldwide are affected by NTDs. The diseases do not always lead directly to death, but also to disability, disfigurement, inability to work and marginalisation. 

With numerous research and capacity-building projects, the BNITM is helping to combat and reduce NTDs and achieve the goals of the WHO roadmap: To control and prospectively eliminate NTDs. 

Language of the talks will be German


  • Welcome & introduction by Prof Jurgen May
  • Schistosomiasis - Laboratory vs. Public Health: Dialogue about chronis forms & cross-sectoral cooperation
  • Snakebite envenoming - Toxic challenges: insight into research in Gabon and Malawi
  • Buruli Ulcer - The influence of the skin microbiome on the course of treatment
  • Outlook on NTDs at BNITM
  • Q&A