WHO webinar: Sustainability and resilient health systems

8 July 2020 (12pm GMT)
WHO Webinar

"On 17 June 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) hosted the first of a series of nine webinars on the importance of integrated, cross-cutting approaches in tackling not only neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) but also other infections and conditions in the context of COVID-19. The pandemic is set to change the global public health landscape.

The second webinar on 8 July 2020 (14:00–15:30 CEST) will consider how the new NTD road map for 2021–2030 can contribute to building sustainable and resilient health systems. Speakers will introduce the shifts envisaged by the road map and discuss the roles of donors, pharmaceutical companies and countries in ensuring the sustainability of NTD services.

WHO is developing a sustainability framework as a companion document to the road map to facilitate alignment of efforts by the wider community and of countries affected by NTDs towards sustainable health systems.

The NTD road map 2021–2030

As a visionary document, the road map proposes three key shifts in the approach to tackling NTDs:

  • increase accountability for impact by using impact indicators instead of process indicators;
  • move away from siloed, disease‐specific programmes by mainstreaming programmes into national health systems and intensifying cross‐cutting approaches centred on the needs of people and communities; and
  • change operating models and culture to facilitate greater ownership of programmes by countries.

These shifts are expected to build, reinforce and strengthen country ownership in a meaningful and sustainable way as WHO continues to work with Member States and a wide array of partners to guide and support implementation of global programmes for all 20 NTDs.

The new road map is innovative in that it encompasses many issues such as gender, equity, sustainability and domestic financing, affordability and social protection, management of donated medicines, monitoring and evaluation, diagnostics and adapting to new health technology.

Register now to participate in the discussion. You can also submit your questions in advance on sli.do. The Slido event code is: NTDRoadmap

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