Webinar | The need for innovative diagnostics to achieve NTD road map targets

28 Oct 2021 2-3:30pm CET
Virtual event

Diagnostics is a priority area that requires critical action to ensure the 2021–2030 road map targets for neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are achieved.

As the intensity of infection and prevalence of NTDs progressively decrease, current methods of diagnosis may not have the necessary sensitivity or specificity to support programmes through to the point of target delivery.  New tests will therefore be required to determine decisions that include changing treatment frequency; when to stop mass treatment and maintain appropriate levels of surveillance; and validation or verification of elimination.  This also involves the development of accurate point-of-care  tests that can be performed in resource-limited settings to bring them nearer to remote communities and to potentially overcome challenges such as healthcare-seeking behaviour, lack of disease awareness and population movement.

The webinar will discuss the:      

  • needs for accurate diagnostics in NTDs to optimize use of resources;
  • importance of reviewing existing TPPs and developing new ones to identify and address diagnostic gaps;
  • end-to-end process in diagnostic development, from innovation to deployment;
  • donor environment and the need to refine and develop new tools and approaches to support the 2030 road map targets.

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