ISNTD Festival 2020

2 - 3 March 2020
Henry Wellcome Lecture Theatre, Wellcome Collection, UK

ISNTD Festival brings together the creative arts and global health communities to explore the issues, challenges, opportunities and solutions that are needed to transform research into actual change, and aims to open the black box between informative research and policy, including the issues around community cohesion, disease awareness, behavioural insight, behavioural intervention, stigma allievation, programme development, mental health, education, advocacy, fundraising and many, many more.

Key topics:

  • Creative strategies for patient engagement and patient centricity
  • Communication challenges & global health
  • From Science to People: Projects, Tools & Production Strategies
  • Creativity, science & public health messaging
  • Workshops (gaming, theatre, virtual reality, animation... )
  • Lessons Learned and the Road Ahead

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Behaviour change