Global Summit on Malaria and NTDs

25 June 2020
Kigai, Rwanda

"A joint malaria and NTDs Summit hosted by the Government of Rwanda, on the eve of the CHOGM 2020, offers a unique opportunity to galvanize renewed progress and accelerated action against malaria and push for the elimination of NTDs, helping prevent unnecessary death and suffering.

By bringing together Government, private and multi-sectorleaders from across the Commonwealth and beyond, this Summit can:

  • Set the agenda for the next decade in the global fight against NTDs and secure significant resources for this agenda; and
  • Drive the political and multi-sectoral investment and action needed to accelerate progress towards halving malaria across the Commonwealth and beyondby 2023.

 The Summit will provide the venue to mobilize the resources, political and community commitment,and collaborative action needed to end unnecessary suffering from NTDs. It will culminate with a Kigali Declaration which will catalyze and guide the next decade of progress on neglected tropical diseases."

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