Global Fund webinar | Including FGS integration intervention in your Global Fund proposal

17 Jan 2023, 11am Southern Africa Time / 12pm East Africa Time / 9am GMT
virtual event

Are you involved in the Global Fund proposal writing process for a country which has endemic schistosomiasis also known as bilharzia? Do you want to learn more about including Female Genital Schistosomiasis in national and community-led programmes? Frontline AIDS is running a webinar which will help support FGS integration into Global Fund proposals.

Global Fund plans to run this webinar three times, to fit in with the Global Fund applications in March, May and August. This first webinar is in time for those applying to the March window. They are planning the webinars for funding windows 2 and 3 for February and June respectively (dates to be confirmed). The purpose of the webinar is to support FGS integration into HIV proposals, in particular the SRHR/HIV integration and community engagement elements in eligible NFM4 schistosomiasis-endemic countries. Note that the UNAIDS Global AIDS Strategy 2021-2026 already includes FGS, with associated targets:

“Female genital schistosomiasis represents a risk for the acquisition of HIV infection in areas where schistosomiasis is endemic. Preventive treatment of schistosomiasis, with HIV prevention and the promotion of sexual and reproductive health is important to protect the health of women and girls.”

The objectives of the webinar are to:

  • Respond to country requests for support to consider FGS as component of comprehensive HIV and SRHR programming in schistosomiasis-endemic countries, among GF country proposal development actors and influencers
  • Provide a space to understand Global Fund grant processes and identifying opportunities to integrate FGS as a comorbidity/co-infection with HIV
  • Grow a network of FGS integration allies and advocates at national level to drive FGS integration within national programming and policy
  • Provide a space for HIV programmers to strategise leveraging existing platforms/grants for FGS integration pilots and scale up.

The primary audience for this webinar will be all Frontline AIDS partners within Global Fund NFM4 countries, and anyone involved in writing Global Fund grant applications who wants to include FGS. We expect the secondary audience to include other FIG members implementing Global Fund grants, UNAIDS country offices, CCM representatives.

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Female Genital Schistosomiasis