G7 | Symposium for G7 Health Ministers, Nagaski

12 May 2023, 12-12pm JST [ 4am BST; 1pm AEDT, 8pm PDT, 11pm EDT]
The Global View NAGASAK / broadcast on Zoom

Commemorative Symposium for G7 Health Ministers Meeting in Nagasaki “Accelerating Research and Development, Access and Delivery for Neglected Tropical Diseases”

Leading up to G7, Nagasaki University, Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT Fund) and Uniting to Combat NTDs are co-hosting an event on 12th May focusing on financing, access and delivery of NTD treatments.

Building on the momentum of the Kigali Declaration, an action-oriented global advocacy document will be co-created (“The Nagasaki Outcome Statement”) which will increase visibility of NTDs at G7 and call for NTDs to be a priority in the global health agenda, including in discussions on pandemic preparedness, universal health coverage, and global health financing.

The event will reinvigorate efforts to boost our investments in NTDs. The COVID pandemic showed us, amongst other things, that our health systems are not fully prepared to handle global pandemics. To prepare effectively for future pandemics, health systems need to be strong and responsive to the health needs of their populations. NTD programmes strengthen institutions and catalyse lasting transformations in health systems. If we invest in NTDs, we will strengthen health systems. Only with strong systems around the world will we be able to prepare for and effectively tackle future outbreaks of deadly infections.