Funding global health R&D: what's next to meet public health needs?

30 January 2020
Brussels, Begium

Research and innovation have an essential role in bridging the health inequality gaps worldwide. While funding for research in neglected diseases is going up, available public and private funds are limited and need to be invested in a way that best answers global public health needs. This POLITICO event will look into trends in global health financing and where the opportunities and gaps lie to meet global public health needs.

Panel Discussion followed by Q&A

  • Anja Langenbucher, director, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's Europe Office
  • Francisca Mutapi, professor in Global Health Infection and Immunity, deputy director of the NIHR Global Health Research Unit TIBA at the University of Edinburgh and, fellow of the African Academy of Sciences
  • Irène Norstedt, acting director, people directorate, department for research & innovation (DG RTD), European Commission
  • Pauline Williams, senior vice president, head of global health R&D, GSK

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