WHO and Merck KGaA renew commitment to Praziquantel Donation Program

05 Jul 2019

WHO and Merck KGaA have renewed their longstanding collaboration to beat schistosomiasis. Signing their third memorandum of understanding (MoU) their collaboration centers on the continueing success of the Merck Praziquantel donation program which is now transitioning to the Merck Schistosomiasis Elimination Program. In 2017 over 85million children beenfitted from praziquantel treatment, meaning 71% of school-aged children in need were treated for schistosomiasis. This brings the global NTD community within reach of the WHO 2020 Roadmap goal of reaching 75% of school-aged children in need by 2020.

The new momorandum of understanding includes renewed efforts to ensure efficient use and re-distribution of unused PZQ to those in need including adults.

The GSA is delighted to see the continuation of this strong statement of public-private partnership, to defeat this devastating disease and strengthen our efforts to leave no one behind!